Point de contact Corona : Florence Zenner : 061/224976 (de préférence le mardi) ou info@museedesceltes.be
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Available for you

Seniors / Visitors with limited mobility

Logistics: the Museum is spread over the first and second floors, which are only accessible via stairs.

To make your experience as easy as possible, seat sticks are available from reception for visitors. Rest areas (chairs and benches) are available in the rooms.

A ramp is now set up at the entrance to the building, which has 3 steps.

Partially sighted and blind visitors

Logistics: rooms are not very well lit. Ceiling lights can be switched on, on request. Please do not hesitate to ask at reception.
There are some “markers”: a white line underneath windows. A ramp from ground level will soon be set up on the left of the entrance to the building, which has 3 steps.

Although the Museum isn’t designed for blind visitors, there are some audio tools available including an audio guide (not yet available for classic tours) and a music station (sounds of musical instruments and commentary).

Find out about all the strengths and weaknesses of our Museum and other sites in terms of accessibility on the Belgian Luxembourg Tourist Federation website.