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Rules of the Board Game


To line up 3 of your pieces.

A player wins either:
When their opponent only has two pieces left and can no longer form a “mill” (3 pieces, or “men”, of the same colour in a row).
When their opponent can no longer have a go because all their pieces are blocked.

How it works

The game is played in two phases: placing and then moving.
Each player positions their pieces, one by one, taking it in turns, on the board.
When there are no more pieces left to place, the players take turns to move their pieces to an empty neighbouring intersection (a black dot) until the game is won.
At any moment in the game, the player who has formed a mill, in other words 3 of their pieces in a row, they can remove any of their opponent’s pieces that are not part of a mill. The captured piece is removed from the board and cannot be played again.
An optional rule gives the player with no more than 3 pieces left a second chance: they can move by jumping to where they want to go.
Equipment required for small games: 6 pieces the same colour per player.
Equipment for big games: 9 pieces the same colour per player.