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History, geography, French, maths, science… The Celts from every perspective.
A visit to the Museum of the Celts is the perfect opportunity to learn about all sorts of different subjects in a vibrant way that your pupils will remember.
Booking a guided tour or workshop will help children learn about the Celts from all sorts of different perspectives: on the one hand, by seeing their creations, and on the other, by trying some of their everyday activities.


2€ per person
Guided tour : €2 suppl./ person
Workshops : €2 or €3 suppl./ person
+ Free entry for teachers with a PROF card

More practical information

Guided tours

Classic guided tour

Our guide will introduce you to the world of the Celts in the Ardennes by talking about the items on display. These archaeological finds come from digs that have been completed throughout the region.
By analysing these archaeological finds together with ancient texts and Celtic iconography, the guide will introduce you to the day-to-day lives of these former inhabitants of the Ardennes. This will help pupils let go of certain stereotypes that are all too often associated with the Celts.
As well as their comments, the guide will give children the opportunity to handle replicas of objects including chain mail, pottery and fibulas.
The guided tour is very interactive. Pupils will be asked questions about each theme covered.

Guided tour for very young children

This type of tour has been specifically designed for children under 6. Our guide will greet the children in costume, and give them the chance to become “little Celts” by dressing them up in costumes too. Together, they will find out about the different trades of that era, the outfits worn by warriors, musical instruments, etc. The whole experience is fun and celebratory with stories and songs.

Workshops for €2 per person

Soap workshop (for children under 6)

You might not realise it, but the Celts liked to look care of themselves, by shaving, doing their hair… and using soap!
Each participant will be able to take away a small bar of soap that they have made themselves.

Ceramic workshop

Make and decorate a pot out of clay. Learn about and try out the different techniques that the Celts used including hand building, slab work and coiling. Participants can go home with their creation, which they will have decorated themselves.

Basketry workshop

From wicker to hazel wood…anything can be woven into a basket!
Learn about basketry techniques by creating a small wicker (or hazel wood) and rattan basket.
Participants will be able to take what they have made home with them.

Weaving workshop

Find out about weaving techniques on replica pieces. Participants will weave with wool using a needle and you’ll be given little pieces of fabric that you can keep at the end of the experience.

Fire-lighting and fibula workshop (from 10 years old)

Discover the different techniques used by the Celts to light fires (friction, percussion etc.). Try one out yourselves: a Celtic fire starter!

And, from a copper wire, you can pretend you’re a blacksmith or bronze worker to create a fibula, an ancestor of the modern safety pin.
Participants can take their fibula home with them.

Workshops for €3 per person

Cookery workshop (from 1 April to 31 October)

Make little cakes, sweet or savoury, it’s up to you, with ingredients used by the Celts. Once you’ve made your dough, you just need to cook your little cake in the oven and then eat it.
Bon appétit!

Forging workshop (from 13 years old)

With this workshop, participants get the chance to learn about a very important craft that was essential in the Iron Age: forging.
After a demonstrator by your tutor, participants hammer the iron to create a belt clip that they can take home with them.
Workshop organised in partnership with the Musée du Domaine Provincial du Fourneau Saint-Michel, who have generously allowed us to use one of their forges.

Educational packs

Pre-school, early primary

This pack gives teachers a few simple exercises to make the most of the children’s visit to the Museum of the Celts.

Pre-school educational pack – download

Late primary, early secondary

The applied Celts – The Celts and interdisciplinarity

This educational pack helps teachers make connections between their visit to the Museum and the different subjects they teach their children. It contains teaching material for, among others, history, French, science and geography.
As well as this material, teachers will also find extra information about the Celts to help them get more out of the subject in the classroom.

2015 educational pack – download